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15 Short Trumpet Duets Fanfares for Events

15 Short Trumpet Duet Fanfares for Events - This is a great resource to use for weddings, announcements, sporting events, recognitions, etc.  Each fanfare is between 5 seconds and 15 seconds long.  All duets are composed in the Renaissance or Ba ...

Storm - based on Yanni's version arranged for violin solo, 2nd violin or clarinet solo, trumpet solo, band and more....

STORM – Based on Yanni’s version arranged for violin solo, violin 2 solo or clarinet solo, trumpet solo, rhythm, percussion, and optional instruments: 2 tenor saxes, 2 trombones, and baritone sax.  This is a shortened version from the ori ...

The Lord's Prayer 544 Piano/Rhythm Gospel Big Band Instrumental Series

This is "The Lord's Prayer" arranged for Big Band 5442 piano/rhythm with Trumpet Solo.  It is scored for 2 alto saxes 2 tenor saxes 1 baritone sax 4 trumpets 4 trombones and percussion (tympani). Piano with chords for rhythm section.  This is a ...

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The Lord's Prayer for Piano and Solo Trumpet

The Lord's Prayer Arranged for Trumpet and Piano by Chris R. Hansen - Medium to Hard Difficulty.  Download the FREE recording of Jeff Ayers - Trumpet Phenom performing this with the Hark Up Horns Big Band.  Purchase this Piano Trumpet part here. ...


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