Ave Maria for small chamber orchestra

Ave Maria by CHARLES GOUNOD, based on J. S. Bach’s first prelude arranged for chamber orchestra.   Includes solo violin, violin 1, violin 2, viola, cello, arcobass, flute, clarinet, bassoon and piano.   Key of G.  Great for any Christmas or ...

Away in a Manger Cradle Song for strings and woodwinds with congregati

This is "Away In A Manger" Cradle Song arranged for strings and woodwinds and optional harp and for use with congregational singing.  This is very simple and reflective great for a reflective part in any Christmas Service.

Baby King (Mark Cohen) custom arranged for TTBBB men with part tracks

BABY KING by Mark Cohn – Custom arranged for men’s ensemble in the original key of  Eb minor.  In addition to getting the TTBBB score you will also receive “part tapes” (mp3s) for rehearsal.  Note that the “par ...

Beethoven's Five (5) Secrets Custom Orchestration

BEETHOVEN’S FIVE (5) SECRETS – Arranged for Orchestra and featuring a Cello Solo, Viola Solo, and Violin Solo.  See score sample for full orchestra instrumentation.  The original version uses about five cello solo parts.  In this version, t ...

Behold, the Blessed Savior (Gordon Mote) custom arranged for piano, vocal and strings.

Behold, the Blessed Savior (Gordon Mote) custom arranged for piano, vocal and strings. In the key of C. Moderate difficulty. Note that these are custom strings. The original version only has a cello solo. The original cello solo is preserved within the a ...

Blue Christmas 5441 Big Band Instrumental or Vocal

You are purchasing a Big Band Arrangement of "Blue Christmas" Inspired by the Big Bad Voodoo Daddies version.  This arrangement can work as an instrumental or with a vocal solo.  Great Fun and easy to play.  For 5441 and general rhythm of p ...

Blue Christmas Big Band VooDoo Daddy For Full 5444 Big Band, 211 Optional Strings And Optional Vocal Or Instrumental - 2016 Edition

Blue Christmas – Inspired by Big Bad VooDoo Daddy arranged for full 5444 big band and optional 211 strings.  This arrangement works well as an instrumental feature Or a Vocal solo.  This chart is in the original key of F and is very easy.& ...

Boogie Woogie Santa Claus (Brian Setzer) custom arranged for solo, back vocals, and 6551 Big Band

Boogie Woogie Santa (Inspired by Brian Setzer) Custom arranged for Vocal solo, back vocals and 5441 big band.  Please Note that this arrangement has one rhythm part for all the rhythm instruments – piano, bass, guitar and drums. The part covers ...

Boogie Woogie Santa Claus as recorded by Dave Koz  for 5444 Big Band Vocal

Boogie Woogie Santa Claus as recorded by Dave Koz arranged for 5444 Big Band - This is PRINT MUSIC for Big Band.  Sheet Parts include:  Vocal Solo female, 3 part back vocal SSA or SAT, piano, bass, drum, guitar, 2 alto saxes, 2 tenor saxes, ...

Breath of Heaven Dona Nobis Pacem Let All Mortal Flesh for solo choir and orchestra

Breath of Heaven Medley:  Based on Amy Grant’s classic is version includes SATB back choir, and full orchestra.  The work segues into a beautiful choral version of Dona, Nobis, Pacem and then returns to “Breath of Heaven ul ...

BRING A TORCH JEANETTE ISABELLA – as recorded by The Lower Lights on “Sing Noel”

BRING A TORCH JEANETTE ISABELLA – as recorded by The Lower Lights on “Sing Noel”  arranged for rhythm (guitars) vocal, and violin. Original Key of D.

Carol of the Bells (Christmas Eve) for Symphonic Orchestra (Transiberian Orchestra)

Carol of the Bells – Christmas Eve, inspired by the Transiberian Orchestra.  This is a full orchestra version with the following instrumentation. Piano/Keys; Lead Gtr; Rhythm Gtr.; Bass Gtr; Drum Set; 2 Flt; Ob; 2 Bb Clar.; Bassoon; Bass Clarinet; 2 ...

CAROL OF THE BELLS - Church on the Move - For Rhythm and Vocal Duet

CAROL OF THE BELLS – As performed by THE CHURCH ON THE MOVE – Arranged for Piano/Rhythm, and vocal duet. This is in the original key of D minor.  You will get the score, separate vocal parts, and separate rhythm/keys part.

Carol of the Bells - Church on the Move arranged for duet and small orchestra

Inspired by Church on the Move’s CAROL OF THE BELLS arranged for vocal duet, full strings, rhythm, flute, clarinet, horn, alto sax, trumpet 1, trumpet 2, trombone.  Note that there are many versions of this styling.  This is the most exten ...

Carol of the Bells as recorded by Sixpence None the Richer and arranged for SSAA women and band

Carol of the Bells as recorded by Sixpence None the Richer and arranged for SSAA women, piano (sub for guitars), 2 guitars (as played on the recording), bass, percussion (glock & chimes), drums, strings (2 violins, viola, cello).Original Key of Cm.Gre ...

Carol of the Bells Kim Walker-Smith Jesus culture for piano, vocals, percussion, full strings

Carol of the Bells in the styleo f Kim Walker Smith (from When Christmas Comes) Jesus Culture arranged for piano, rhythm, percussion, vocal, back vocal. Full strings (vln1 vln2 va ce cb) set in the original key of Cm.  Check out the sample score and ...

Carol Of The Bells Pentatonix For 8pc Brass Choir

CAROL OF THE BELLS inspired by Pentatonix arranged for an 8pc Brass Choir:  3 trumpets, F horn, 3 trombones, tuba and one percussion.  Very much like the vocal version, but with brass. 1:43min.

Carol of the Bells Sing We Now of Christmas Barlow Girl Strings and Percussion

These are the full string parts and percussion parts that will work with the Barlow Girl's Arrangement of "Carol of the Bells Sing We Now of Christmas"  These are only the string orchestra and percussion parts including a string reduction.  Thes ...

Carol of the Bells TSO Christmas Eve for Rock Band, Strings and Brass

This is a orchestral version of "Carol of the Bells" or "Christmas Eve Sarajevo" inspired by the Transiberian orchestra.  This is scored for rock band, strings, brass with antiphonal trumpets.  This is very powerful.

Carol of the Bells with God Rest Ye Inspired by The Piano Guys custom arranged for full strings plus

Carol of the Bells with God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen inspired by THE PIANO GUYS. Custom arranged for full strings with drums/percussion and loop or metric cello. This work could be performed with a programed loop as on the original Piano Guys recording, or ...

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