Oh Happy Day - 544 Big Band Gospel Rock

This is a big band 5441 with Rhythm/Piano for "Oh Happy Day" based on a recording by Sam Levine. This is Gospel Rock with great opportunities for instrumental solos. A true crowd pleaser. This is the pro version scored for 4 trumpets, 2 alto saxes, 2 teno ...

Oh, Happy Day for Solo, SAT back up and horns just like the SISTER ACT version

Oh, Happy Day arranged for Vocal solo SAT back up singers and 432 Big Band – 2 alto saxes, tenor sax, bari sax, 2 trombones, 3 trumpets, piano/rhythm, Key of Ab. Inspired by the version in “Sister Act”Very easy to sing with hot horns. ...

Oh, What a Glorious Night Sidewalk Prophets for Solos Choir Kids band strings horns

Oh, What A Glorious Night – Sidewalk Prophets – Custom arranged for Solo, SATB choir, Kids Choir, big band (with doublings) rhythm, and full strings.  Big Band instrumentation includes 2 flutes, clarinet, bass clarinet (opt), 2 alto saxes ...

Olympic Fanfare for 5444 Big Band - Short Fanfare

Olympic Fanfare (inspired by John Williams) arranged for 5444 Big Band - Short Fanfare Opening for any Ceremony.  Very Flashy and Regal.

On the Sunny Side of the Street Manhattan Transfer and Big Band

This is "On the Sunny Side of the Street" as performed by the Manhattan Transfer with Big Band.  This is a full 5444 big band arrangement with SATB vocals.  Just like the recording, pretty much;) Check out the sample score and audio of this wor ...

Our God Reigns for 533 Ld Big Band

This is the chorus "Our God Reigns" arranged for Piano Vocal; lead sheet with SAT; 2 alto saxes, 2 tenor saxes, 3 trumpets, 3 trombones, and bari sax.  This for congregational singing, begins in the key of Bb and modulates to the key of C. ...

Peace Like A River Gospel TTBB Quartet and Big Band

This is a Gospel Quartet TTBB with Big Band Accompaniment of the Hymn "Peace Like A River". Fun Easy to Sing - a great crowd pleaser. Download the full audio track of this arrangement for FREE and Sample Score right here under "sample files"   Che ...

People Get Ready 544 Big Band and Vocal Solo

This is a 5444 Big Band with Vocal Solo arrangement of Curtis Mayfield's "People Get Ready" done in the original style of Mayfield's and the "Impressions".  Great for a big band with a vocal solo.  

People Get Ready arranged for female solo, 5444 big band and optional strings

People Get Ready (The Impressions) arranged for big band 5444 and optional strings (violin 1 & 2, viola and cello).  This is in the key of D, great for a female solo.  This does use doublings in the sax section.  See the sample score fo ...

Praise Him, Praise Him 5444 Big Band Arrangement

The old Gospel Chorus of “Praise Him, Praise Him” is set to a lilty swing groove.A full 5444 version with drums, gtr, bs, keys, flt, altsx, 2 tnsax, 4 trumpets, 4 trombones and optional SATB choir parts that would enter on the last stanza maki ...

Preacher and the Bear for 5441 Big Band and Vocal Solo

A fun 1930s style big band accompaniment for vocal solo. A tongue twister for the vocalist. Some doubling on clarinet for tenor sax.  5 saxes (clarinet dbl); 4 trombones, 4 trumpets; Piano/Rhythm.  Very easy and fun for an audience.

Raider's March 5443 Big Band Instrumental

Raider's March Custom Arranged for Big Band 5443.  This is a short 2:11 version that was created for a special movie night.  This is fairly easy to play and will get's the crowd wound up.  Check out the sample score and audio.  Note th ...

Real Real Gone Van Morrison Arranged for 5444 Big Band and Vocal Solo

Van Morrison's "Real Real Gone" arranged for 5444 Big Band and vocal solo in the original key.  A fairly easy read and chart.  This will feature a vocal solo.  Be sure to download the sample files.  The arrangement is based on Van Morr ...


This is a Big Band 544 piano/rhythm gospel arrangement of "Revive Us Again" scored for 2 alto saxes 2 tenor saxes 1 baritone sax 4 trumpets 4 trombones Piano and lead sheet with chords for rhythm section. This has a straight on Boogie fell that does allow ...

ROCKABILLY CHRISTMAS (Big Bad VooDoo Daddy) Arranged for 5341 SATB Big Band

ROCKABILLY CHRISTMAS (Big Bad VooDoo Daddy) Arranged for 5341 SATB Big Band.  5 saxes; 3 trumpets; 4 trombones; one simple rhythm part; vocal solo and optional SATB back up choir parts.   Very fun to perform sing.  Lively with optional ...

Salt Peanuts Big Band 5444 Pro Series Chris R. Hansen Arrangement

Salt Peanuts Big Band 5444 PRO SERIES for the serious players.  Fast Double time swing.  trumpet solo. small ensemble lead, drum solo.  Check out the audio sample.  Note the audio sample is from sibelius and there are a couple drum gli ...

Santa Baby (Pussy Cat Dolls Version) Custom arranged for full big band and vocals plus!

Santa Baby (A classic from 1951) – Inspired by the Pussy Cat Dolls Version (from 1989) custom arranged for a SSA (Women’s Trio or Group), a full complete 5444 big band with optional added flute and optional bass sax in the key of D.  This ...

Saxophones Jimmy Buffett Big Band 5444 Vocal

Saxophones – by Jimmy Buffet – Custom Arrangement for 5444 Big Band and Vocal Solo. This arrangement is in the style of the original version with a powerful horn soli at the end. This is in the original key of E to allow the bass and guitar li ...

Semper Paratus Coast Guard Theme song arranged for 5441 big band and optional SATB choir

SEMPER PARATUS – The Theme Song of the United States Coast Guard arranged for 5441 Big Band as an instrumental feature with optional choir on the chorus.  In addition to a full score, parts include all five sax parts; 2 altos, 2 tenors and bari ...

Send the Light 5443 Big Band Feature

This the gospel song "Send the Light" arranged for 5443 big band.  This is an instrumental feature version done in a contemporary style modeled after the Huey Lewis song "Doing if all for my Baby" the arrangement is done with a 12/8 shuffle rock feel ...


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